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Rubber Sheet

Specification of RUBBER PACKING

Rubber Universal Synthetics

 manufactured to meet various needs such as oil-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, heat and cold, insulation and anti-static, etc. This product can be cut as needed and can be used in medical, chemical, electronic, fire-resistant and food industries. This product is also widely used as seal, buffer ring, rubber mat, sealing strip, paving for ladder and hotel yard, boat, ship, car, nurse and others.


1. Heat Stoppers

Our energy-saving solutions!

Our products have many advantages such as moisture retainer, sun protection, waterproof material, energy saving in AC usage.Rubber Sheet is also widely used as construction material, such as roof, floor, animal cage, industrial warehouse, and commercial building. This product is also used as a base for wooden flooring, roofing, carpeting, and construction.

2. Rubber Sheet Waterproofing

Rubber Sheet Waterproofing is suitable for preventing water leakage and avoiding frequent moist calamities in various roof structures and new building structures as well as restoration of old buildings. "Anti-rust, anti-crack, and anti-leak" is a special line of our products.

3. Rubber Packing

4. Rubber Rock Wool / Tube Insulation

Tube Insulation is used as a tool to slow the heat transmission and control the condensation of the coolant. It can also be used to reduce heat transfer that occurs in hot-water plubing and liquid -heating and dual-temperature piping.

5. Industrial Flooring & Anti Vibration

Rubber Sheet is also suitable for use as a floor coating for work areas that have a heavy load and can also function as a vibration damper machine.

6. Sport Center and Area

With our eco-friendly products, Rubber Flooring makes the room floor look more beautiful and durable, flexible, safe, comfortable and has the anti-slip capability that makes the "Indoor" mattress the best solution for indoor and commercial sports venues, and various applications for your recreation place.

7. Truck or Tailer Underlayment

Rubber Sheet can be used to protect truck bed. Polythylene surface is hard so it allows you to easily shift the load during loading and unloading process.

8. Dam and Upholstery of Reservoir

Rubber Sheet can also be used as a reservoir / lake coating and also as a water stop so as to avoid cracking and leaking problems.

9. Carpet Base

Rubber Sheet can be used as carpet mats to keep clean so that your carpet can last longer / last.

Product Description

-Details Rubber Products That Contain Many Sheets Of Combination Of Synthetic Materials, So Many

Application Recommendations:

-For Packing Or Flange To Flange Gasket That Is Not Area Too Extreme

-As a Bearing And A Prisoner Holds To Pressure And Conflict

-To Protect And Coat Material Of Friction Medium

Physical Property:

Temperature Range -20 Degree To + 80 Degree

Waterproof, Oil, Oil



2mm thickness up to 30mm

Width 100cm Up to 120 Cm

Rubber Sheet Rubber Rolls


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